The Architecture Centre
Bristol Opening Doors was developed by the Architecture Centre.
The Architecture Centre champions better buildings and places for people through: exhibitions, events, learning and outreach projects and design advocacy and support. The Centre has a free gallery, situated on the Bristol harbourside, open to the public from Wednesday – Sunday.

Doors Open Day
Doors Open Day is the day when many of Bristol’s significant contemporary and historic buildings open their doors to the general public. It is a free event which takes place in September every year.

Know Your Place
Know Your Place is a website that allows you to explore your neighbourhood through historic maps, images and linked information. It is about learning about and sharing information about historic Bristol. Know Your Place allows wider access to Bristol’s historic maps and you to share your own information and images about Bristol.

Sweet History
The Sweet History website explores the impact of the sugar and slave trades on the built environment of Bristol. It includes activities and education resources to support the school curriculum. The website has been developed by the Architecture Centre, Bristol in partnership with young people from the Knowle West Media Centre.

Bristol Blitzed
Bristol Blitzed gives a fascinating insight into pre-war Bristol and its post war development. An architectural walking trail of the city centre explores the impact of WW2 bombing raids on the built environment.

Bristol Buildings Preservation Trust
Bristol Buildings Preservation Trust is a registered charity, which since 1981 has been dedicated to helping save and conserve historic buildings at risk within the city of Bristol. It finds ways of taking on vulnerable buildings and restoring them to active use, working with owners, voluntary organisations and local communities.

A Time Traveller’s Guide
A Time Traveller’s Guide is a collection of archive films, photographs and audio which capture memories of six key areas of Bristol. It shows the radical changes which the city has undergone, from the early 1900s through to the present, with a look into the future. The material can be accessed through a smartphone app or 3D walk-throughs on the website.

Heritage Open Days
Heritage Open Days celebrates England’s architecture and culture by offering free access to places that are usually closed to the public or normally charge for admission. Run in September, it is a once-a-year chance to discover architectural treasures and enjoy a wide range of tours, events and activities that bring local history and culture to life.

Open City
Open-City is London’s leading architecture education organisation. It champions the value of well-designed places and spaces in making a livable and vibrant city, and the role everyone plays within it.

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